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2019                New Arts Centre / Roche Court (solo)

2018                Newlyn & Exchange Galleries, Cornwall (solo)

2013                 Laurent Delaye Gallery, Robyn Denny (Solo)

2012             Galerie Ziegler SA, Zürich, "von Arp bis Tinguely"

2008             Jonathan Clark & Co & Delaye/Saltoun London - Early Works 1955-1977 (Solo)

2007                Jonathan Clark & Co London in association with Laurent Delaye - Robyn Denny Paintings & Collages 1954-1968 

2005             Elements of Abstraction: Space, Line & Interval in British Art, Southampton City Art Gallery

2004             Hirschl Contemporary Art, London (solo)

2002             Hirschl Contemporary Art, London (solo)

2001             Hirschl Contemporary Art, London (solo)

2000             Galerie Renée Ziegler, Zürich (solo)

1995–1996   Out of Order. Independent Art Space, London

1995–1996   Really Out of Order. Hansard Gallery, Southampton

1993–1994   The Sixties Art Scene in London, Barbican Art Centre, London

1992             The New Patrons, Twentieth Century Art from Corporate Collections, Christie’s London

1992             Ready Steady Go, Painting from the Sixties, from the Arts Council Collection, The South Bank Centre,                            London

1992             Three Artists Three Decades, Robyn Denny, John Hoyland, Gwyther Irwin, Redfer, London

1992             Bernard Jacobson Gallery, London (solo)

1991             The Presence of Painting, Ikon Gallery, Birmingham; touring to Hatton Gallery, Newcastle Upon Tyne

1991             Not Pop, What the others were doing. Bernard Jacobson Gallery, London

1988             Painting at the Royal College of Art, Royal College of Art Gallery, London

1988             Corsham – A Celebration, Michael Parkin Gallery, London

1988             The Presence of Painting, Ikon Gallery, Birmingham; touring to Hatton Gallery, Newcastle Upon Tyne

1985             Twenty Five Years, Annely Juda, London

1985             Fine Arts Gallery, U.C. Irvine, California (solo)

1984             Home and Abroad, Arts Council Exhibition

1984             The Serpentine Gallery, London

1984             Art Within Reach, Icon Gallery, Brimingham

1983             The Granada Collection, Whitworth Art Gallery, Manchester

1983             The London Suite (Prints), Icon Art Gallery, Birmingham

1982             Drawing - New Directions, Summit Art Gallery, Summit, USA

1982             Bernard Jacobson Gallery, Los Angeles (solo)

1981             Jacobson/Hochman Gallery, New York (solo)

1981             Salty Le Gallais Gallery, Jersey, Channel Islands

1981             Group IV, Waddington Galleries, London

1981             Recent Drawing, Jacobson Hochman Gallery, New York

1980             Gallery Artists, Bernard Jacobson Ltd., London

1980             Kelpra Studio – The Rose and Chris Prater Exhibition, Tate Gallery London

1980             Aronson Gallery, Atlanta (solo)

1979             Bernard Jacobson Ltd, London (solo)

1979             Bernard Jacobson Ltd, New York (solo)

1979             The Museum of Drawers, Kunstmuseum, Bern

1979             The Deck of Cards, J.P.L. Fine Arts, London

1979             20 C. British Art, Middlesborough Art Gallery

1978             Festival Gallery, Bath (solo)

1977             Waddington and Tooth Galleries, London (solo)

1977             Annual Show, Hayward Gallery, London

1977             Jubilee Exhibition, Royal Academy, London

1976             For John Constable, Tate Gallery, London

1976             Peintres et Sculpteurs Britanniques, Centre Culturel de la Ville de Toulouse

1976             Galleria Morone, Milan (solo)

1975             Galleria La Polena, Genova (solo)

1975             Jacques Damase Gallery, Brussels (solo)

1975             Neue Galerie, Linz (solo)

1975             Galerie Modulo, Porto (solo)

1975             Peinture Anglaise Contemporaine, Musée de Grenoble

1975             La Pitture Inglese Oggi, Ciak Gallery, Rome

1974             Musée d’Art et d’Histoire, Cabinet des Estampes, Geneva

1974             Galerie Schottinring, Vienna

1974             Galerie Jacomo-Sontiveri, Paris (solo)

1974             Marlborough Gallery, Rome (solo)

1974             Galleria del Cavillino, Venice (solo)

1974             Galleria L’Approdo, Turin (solo)

1974             Galleria Rondanini, Rome (solo)

1974             Galerie Wentzel, Hamburg (solo)

1974             Galerie Wellman, Dusseldorf (solo)

1974             Santiveri Gallery, Paris (solo)

1973             Tate Gallery, London (retrospective exhibition), touring to Wurttengergischer Kunstverein, Stuttgart, and                      Stadtisches Museum, Leverkusen, Germany

1973             Studio la Citta, Verona (solo)

1973             Galerie T, Amsterdam (solo)

1972             Galerie Ziegler SA, Genève (solo)

1972             Alecto International, Studio La Citta, Verona

1972             Ziegler Edition & Grafik, Zürich (solo)

1970–1972   Large Paintings, Arts Council Touring Exhibition

1971             Galerie Mikro, Berlin

1971             Galerie Muller, Cologne

1971             Arnolfini Gallery, Bristol

1970             Galerie Muller, Stuttgart & Cologne

1970             Kasmin Gallery, London (solo)

1970             Robert Elkon Gallery, New York (solo)

1970             Arts Council Touring Exhibition

1970             Kelpra Prints, Hayward Gallery, London

1970             Contemporary British Art, National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo

1970             British Painting and Sculpture 1960-70, National Gallery, Washington DC

1969             Exhibition of Alecto Colour Boxes, Gimpel and Weitzenhoffer, New York

1969             Contemporary British Paintings, South African Tour

1969             Kasmin Artists, Arts Council Gallery, Belfast

1969             New Editions, Museum of Modern Art, Oxford

1969            12 Britische Artisten, Kunstlerhaus Galerie, Vienna

1969            Contemporary British Painting, Art Centre, Delaward

1969            Kasmin Gallery, London (solo)

1969            Waddington Gallery, London (solo)

1969            Arnolfini Gallery, Bristol (solo)

1968            Forum Stadtpart, Graz (solo)

1968            Galerie Renée Ziegler, Zürich (solo)

1968            Carnegie Institute, Pittsburgh International, Pittsburgh

1968            A Collector’s Exhibition, Art Gallery, Winnipeg, Canada

1968            Purchases, The Contemporary Art Society

1968            Works on Paper, Waddington Gallery, London

1968            Ceri Richards/Robyn Denny, Arnolfini Art Centre, Bristol

1968            Arte Moltiplicate, Galleria Milano

1968            Suites, Recent Prints, Jewish Museum, New York

1968            Junge Generation, Grossbritannien, Akademie er Kunste, Berlin

1968            Prospect 68, Dusseldorf

1968            Mostra Mercato d’art Contemporanea, Palazzo Strozzi Florence

1968            Ornamentale Tendenzen, Berlin

1968            Ornamentale Tendenzen, Leverkusen

1968            Ornamentale Tendenzen, Schloss Wolfsburg

1968            Peintres Europeens d’Aujourd’hui, Musée des Arts Décoratifs, Paris and USA tour

1968            Art Vivant, Foundation Maeght, Paris

1967–1968   John Moores Liverpool Exhibition VI, Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool

1967             Jeunes Peintres Anglais, Palais des Beaux-Arts, Brussels

1967             Four Young English Painters, Kunsthalle, Mannheim

1967             Jeunes Peintres Anglais, Galerie Alice Pauli, Lausanne

1967             Jeunes Peintres Anglais, Galerie Feigel, Basel

1967             Vormen van de Kleur, Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam

1967             Recent British Painting, Stuyvesant Foundation, Tate Gallery

1967             Exposition Internationale de Gravures, Vancouver

1967             Forem der Frabe, Kunstverein, Stuttgart; touring to Kunsthalle, Berne

1967             Four British Painters, Two British Potters, Museum Boymans – van Beuningen, Rotterdam

1967             7th Exposition Internationale, Modern Galeria Llubljana

1967             Kasmin Gallery, London (solo)

1967             Robert Elkon Gallery, New York (solo)

1966             Robert Elkon Gallery, New York (solo)

1966             Caro/Cohen/Denny/Smith, Kasmin Gallery, London

1966             XXXIII Biennale, Venice

1966             5 Junge Englander, Kunsthalle, Mannheim, Biennale Venedig

1966             International Print Biennale, Tokyo, National Museum of Modern Art

1966             Robyn Denny/ John Ernest, Arnolfini Gallery, Bristol

1965–1966   John Moores Liverpool Exhibition V, Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool

1965            New Painting 1961-65, Arts Council Touring Exhibition

1965            London: the New Scene, Walker Art Centre, Minneapolis, touring to Canada

1965            Paris Biennale, Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris

1965            Arnolfini Gallery, Bristol

1965            Focus on Drawing, Art Gallery of Toronto

1965            Art Vivant, Foundation Maeght, Paris

1964            Contemporary British Painting and Sculpture, Albright-Knox Gallery, Buffalo, New York

1964            Britische Malerei der Gernerwart, Kunsthalle Dusseldorf

1964            John Moores Liverpool Exhibition, Walker Art Gallery

1964            Documenta III, Kassel

1964            La Peau de l’Ours Kunsthalle, Basel

1964            Young British Painters, 1955-1960, Art Gallery of New South Wales

1964            Kasmin Gallery, London (solo)

1963            Galerie Muller, Stuttgart (solo)

1963            Towards Art, Arts Council, Touring Exhibition

1963            7 Junge Englische Malerei, Kunsthalle, Basle

1963            Galerie Huber, Zurich

1963            Ten Years, Gallery One, London

1963             H ‘63’ Hamilton Galleries, London

1963             7th International Biennale, Tokyo

1963             British Painting in the 60’s, Tate Gallery, London

1963             Absolute Farbe, Avant Garde 63, Museum Trier

1962–1963    Situation, Arts Council Touring Exhibition, to Cambridge, Aberdeen, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Bradford,                             Kettering and Liverpool

1962              Denny/Greninger/Olsen, Galerie Handschin, Basel

1962              Nine Painters from England, Galleria Trastevere, Rome

1962              Towards Art, Royal College of Art, London

1962              Galleria Scacchi Gracco (solo)

1961              Molton Gallery, London (solo)

1961              AIA – Directions/Connections, London

1961              Art of Assemblage, Museum of Modern Art, New York

1961              New London Situation, New London Gallery

1961              Neue Marlerie in England, Stadtisches Museum, Leverkusen

1961              Six Young Painters, Arts Council Tour

1960–1961    Danad Design, Portal Gallery, London

1960              Situation, RBA Galleries, London

1959–1960    John Moores Liverpool Exhibition, Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool

1959              London Group, RBA Galleries, London

1959              British Paintings and Prints from Paris Biennale, AIA Gallery, London

1959              Première Biennale, Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris

1959              Premio Lissone, Milan

1959              Place, ICA, London

1958–1959    British Painting, Smithsonian Institute, Washington D.C.(touring)

1958              British Abstract Painting, Auckland City Art Gallery; touring to National Gallery of Art, Sydney

1958              British Painting, Neiman Marcus, Dallas

1958              Gallery One, London (solo)

1958              Gimpel Fils, London (solo)

1958              London Group, RBA Galleries, London

1958              A1A25, RBA Galleries, London

1958              Summer Exhibition, Redfern Gallery, London

1958              Robyn Denny and Charles Carey, Gallery One, London

1958              American Guggenheim Awards, Manchester City Art Gallery,;Whitechapel Art Gallery, London; Brighton                         Art Gallery

1958              Contemporary Art Acquisitions, Albright-Knox Art Gallery, Buffalo

1957              Metavisual, Tachiste, Abstract, Musée des Beaux-Arts, Liege

1957              The British School at Rome, Imperial Institute, London

1957              New Trends in British Art, New York Art Foundation, Rome

1957              Young Contemporaries, RBA Galleries, London

1957              Metavisual, Tachiste, Abstract, Redfern Gallery, London

1957              Critics Choice, (Neville Wallis) Arthur Tooth & Sons, London

1957              Dimensions, O’Hana Gallery, London

1957              Summer Exhibition, Gimpel Fils, London

1956              Young Contemporaries, RBA Galleries, London

1954              Young Contemporaries, RBA Galleries, London

1953              Young Contemporaries, RBA Galleries, London